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Our mission

Our kindergarten was created with the aim of providing our children with playful sport, knowledge, and skills development, which will give them a positive advantage in their lives later on. In addition to this, it was a matter of priority that children should not have to travel for the playful development activities. We tried to carry out each different development sessions within the kindergarten area, as a parent would not want to have his / her child constantly traveled for various activities. The kindergarten is located in a 1000 m2 building, where the size of the group rooms is at least 60 m2.

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The one month childcare and tuition fee is HUF 175,000 in our kindergarten.

Elements of our basic curriculum:

  • Kind and experienced professional team with years of experience
  • Positive approach to life
  • Sports activities 4 times a week (dancing football class, ice skateing, swimming)
  • English language skills development
  • Healthy, nutrient-rich diet 4 times a day
  • Salt therapy, development sessions or playtime in the salt room
  • High quality, exclusive environment
  • Speech therapy (logopedics) screening
  • Primary school preparation
  • Annual dental checkup

Language education

As the development of language skills is essential in today's world, we have introduced English in their everyday life. A native teacher communicates with the children only in English, and other kindergarten teachers assist children when they don’t understand. We also put special emphasis on developing logic so children get a robot programming class once a month from the youngest age.


In our basic curriculum, children have 4 physical activities in a week. Two occasions can be chosen from football or dance, one swimming lesson (in swimming season, at Ferenc Konrád Szentmihályi Swimming Pool, 10 minutes away; from age four), skating  (instead of swimming in the colder months) and one movement development exercise session. The nursery has a 100 m2 gym and a 900 m2 yard, which is perfect for physical activities.


Due to our health-centered approach, we not only help the development of children with a healthy lifestyle, but also pay close attention to their well-being by providing a healthy diet. Our four-time a day  meal is  nutrient-rich, we provide lots of fruits and vegetables for the children. For any child with sensitivity we are able to provide a proper diet.

Our emphasis is on maintaining and strengthening the children's  immune system, thus we built our own salt room, where development sessions or playtime in the salt room results in a passive salt therapy.


In order to prevent disease,  we pay particular attention to hygiene issues. The toys and devices are disinfected on a weekly basis thus preventing the spread of any illnesses that may be introduced.

Extra-cullicular activities

The children's weekly program was designed to involve the parents who would like provide additional extra-curricular programs for their children.

Below is the weekly schedule for the kids’ activities.

  • Game Day: Kids can bring a harmless toy, a plush animal or even a board game from home

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